Uncategorized September 15, 2020

Let’s Talk Staging

There’s an old saying, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and correctly staging a home is that chance in real estate. Staging allows you to help your potential buyers imagine what it would be like to live in the space. If you stage properly people will be picture themselves calling the house a home. You may be saying to yourself, “what’s wrong with my furniture and decor?”. The purpose of staging is to create neutral space, that allows the buyer’s imagination to spark. Here are some things to consider when staging a house:


Practical Lighting

You may not realize what a huge difference lighting makes in a room, but proper lighting can create the entire mood. Is it a relaxing room? Is there a lot of natural light that should be highlighted? Find the tone for each room and make sure the lighting compliments it.


Setting The Table

It may seem silly to put place settings out if no one is going to use them, however, the set table allows the potential buyer to imagine hosting or spending time with family in that space. This small setail will go a long way.


Emphasize The Positive & Deemphasize The Negative 

Good staging will highlight the positives in a house, and draw away from potential negatives. One way stagers can do this is through silent talkers that answer potential questions a buyer could have if walking through when you are not there. For example, adding a note that describes where the gas range is located. Work smarter, not harder and use these messages that help do the work for you.


Invest In The Master

Think about how much time and how many important decisions are made in your bedroom. The master in your open house serves as a space where people can pause, sit on the bed and discuss what they think of the house. If this space is inviting people will feel comfortable and will be able to picture themselves spending time in this room for years to come.


Add Information About The House

Posting information about the house and neighborhood allows buyers to learn more about the area. It creates a natural pause in their journey through the house and it can help spark conversation about living in the area.

Staging creates that bridge between the emotional side and the rational side, bringing together all of the possibilities and helps people make an easier decision. Remember, we are just trying to help the buyer with their buying decision and to create that wow factor!

If you have any questions about staging, get in touch I’d love to chat!